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A little about me...

I was introduced to the Scentsy family brand in 2012, by a friend. At first, I bought from her because I loved the idea that there were no flames and that the wax didn't get hot. I had small children at the time I was introduced to the products...they aren't so small anymore. :) Then, in 2013, I decided I should join the company, so I did. I started sharing the products with friends, family and co-workers. They loved them too!  They were hooked...just like I was! Scentsy is so great because you can buy from a consultant, or you can join the business! There is no minimum monthly order, which is great! You can join and order from yourself! And you have all the Scentsy Products to choose from - Warmers, Wax, Skin Care, Laundry Care, Scentsy Buddy,etc.

If you have any questions, please fill out the contact me form, email or call or textme at 316-518-6278. Thank you!